Rev. Tina Catherine Keenan, RMT

Tina Catherine Keenan brings many years of experience to her services and spiritual counseling. With a "day job" background of business, travel, and customer service, she has been a student of World Religions for all of her adult life, always seeking further knowledge of intuitive and creative consciousness. She traces her passion to a religious background which was transcended by introduction to the writings about Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet”.  She remains a member of the ARE, the Association for Research and Enlightenment founded by Cayce, and also of the American Holistic Health Association, both of which organizations emphasize self-healing and natural methods of remaining well in body, mind, and spirit.


Intrigued by the meeting of science, religion, and spirituality, Tina is a Reiki Master teaching a variety of energy healing methods, including Emotional Freedom Therapy and self-hypnosis, in addition to multiple levels of Reiki. She is a strong believer in the power of prayer and teaches and conducts meditation classes. As a spiritual life coach, she has a series of self-empowerment sessions for women in life transition, and for those people undergoing healing processes such as chemo and radiation. She has been a practicing astrologer for many years and specializes in the art of Evolutionary Astrology with its emphasis on past lives – the Soul’s Memory working with the Soul’s Intention - in her counseling practice. She uses tarot and palmistry, believing that all of these modalities are tools from the Creator to help us deepen our self-knowledge so we can be of better service to mankind. A writer and poet, she feels the beauty and mystery of nature to be an important focus of both art and healing. As an ordained minister, she strives to create ceremonies of unique and personalized significance for any special time or event with meaning for her clients, ranging from weddings and baby blessings to memorials and house blessings.

Together with colleagues and resources..........

It is our intent for the healing center to be a reliable and inspiring resource for exploring new research and providing exciting options which encourage alternative thinking about health, wealth, and everyday life-adapting experiences.

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​It is our belief that "We Are All One," and that everything is a GIFT of the Creator/Universe to assist us in our self-knowledge and pathway to service to mankind.




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